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Drillings for water

Construction Machinery-1 Varna   carries out a drilling-perforating activity. As follows:

Drillings for water
Research engineering-geological drillings

The drilling or drillings for water are elaborated in two ways:

1. The classical way by a water washing, bentonite solution, by a three roller chisel for soft soils and other tools for drilling.
2. Air drilling by powerful compressors, which are supplying a pneumatic striker with an air-striking crown gear for regions with rocky and clay massifs, where the drilling happenes with ease and within minimum terms.

From point of view of our rich experience as assignees of your design drillings for water, we recommend you the second method for drilling, and namely the air drilling for water.
Thus at vertical drilling for water the possibility to omit even the smallest water-bearing layer is zero.
The air drilling displays and guarantees the presence of water-bearing layers and measuring of their capacity.
We guarantee about the implementation of your design drilling. The maximum depth of drilling is 400 meters.
The diameters of drilling are from Ø110mm up to Ø600mm.
The drillings are fortified by metal columns or РVС pipes with a proven origin and certificate of quality.

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Drillings for water